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Interconnection Points

Creating secured Interconnection between Networks with technically advanced Switching Facilities.


We Provide The Powerfull fetured Services

Connection to ICX infrastructure

at one of our data centers through 1, 10 and 100GbE ports

Private VLAN

for peering among participants

Filtering of unwanted traffic

DDoS protection. Basic protection includes active traffic monitoring


Realtime uninterupted monitoring

ICX India is a regional Internet peering and interconnection hub for the major Indian and international networks. ICX India runs carrier and data center- neutral Internet Exchange Points in the Indian cities Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.

ICX India interconnects a large number of Internet service providers (ISP’s), content delivery networks (CDN’s), over the top (OTT) players, DNS root servers, national & international telco networks, and social media networks in all major metropolitan areas, which helps Indian networks to keep their Internet traffic local.

Qualities of ICX

IXP represents a fully redundant 100GbE backbone.

Network Peering

For peering between networks, we use the reserved peering segment IPv4 and IPv6.


Connections can be made using 1, 10, and 100GbE ports.


We offer all connected entities the possibility of creating a private VLAN that can be spread across all PoPs.

Spinal cord

Our backbone is built on carrier grade network elements.
0 Gbps
Traffic Peak
0 X
10 G ports

Peering service enables you to interconnect with a multitude of networks directly. You will exchange internet traffic using only one connection and cross connect.


Welcome to our world! The world of computer networking which enables you and your business to be online 24/7. Through cables and fibres, across continents and oceans, all over the world, all the time. And all in the blink of an eye.

When you connect to our Internet Peering Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), you become a part of ICX India, India's fastest growing Internet Exchange. With us, you can connect to local and international networks.

We host one of the largest public peering interconnection platforms where hundreds of parties exchange large amounts of IP traffic. Peering at our switching infrastructure network, operators can easily improve the performance of their internet network and achieve low-latency and cost-effective interconnection.

We have helped dozens of companies optimize their network and exchange data in a more efficient manner.

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With peering, you save IP transit costs, improve network redundancy and latency with multiple networks. ICX helps networks to exchange traffic locally.