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Network performance


The heart of the ICX

IXP represents a fully redundant 100GbE backbone.

For peering between networks, we use the reserved peering segment IPv4 and IPv6.
Connections can be made using 1, 10 and 100GbE ports.
Our backbone is built on carrier grade network elements.
We offer all connected entities the possibility of creating a private VLAN that can be spread across all PoPs.
For common traffic we use public peering VLAN.
ICX platform is being monitored 24/7 by our NOC.

Route servers make administration of routes easier.

ICX operates two route servers to facilitate a redundant setup for multilateral prefix announcements between peers at each location.


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You don’t need any additional bilateral agreements with networks connected to our route servers. With every new route server participant, you will automatically exchange prefixes unless you have filters set.

You don’t need to maintain BGP sessions with each participating peer. Connect to other peers on the route servers by creating one BGP session towards each route server to directly access all networks peering with them.